Ahna MacLeod

Ahna MacLeod

Consummate Professional

Professionally, I am:

a digital content & search engine optimization strategist, writer, editor, analyst, and designer.

I bring over 20 years of experience to the table; don’t let my youthful face fool you– I got into web design in 1995 (shout out to Adobe PageMill). My academic background includes a degree in communications (with a concentration in professional writing), a diploma in radio & television arts, grad work on the intersection of learning theories and technology, and countless (well, I could count them, but I won’t) certificates and courses in digital strategy / search engine optimization / digital marketing. If it’s not obvious by now, I dig content.

My passion, though, isĀ identifying root issues preventing the desired visibility of, and engagement with, content and combining content elements into a cohesive whole to ensure that each and every element is working together to communicate your message in an engaging and impactful way.

What’re my “special skills”? Well, I…

  • am creative and analytical
  • see the both the big picture and notice the minutiae
  • am a crackerjack inductive thinker — leading to insights & innovative solutions
  • will make any project tighter, more cohesive, and more attractive
  • am Ahna MacLeod, and I make things better.


Ahna MacLeod

Ahna MacLeod

Chocolate Milk

Personally, I am:

a lover of cider, Stephen Fry, & gadgets. The Oxford comma & ampersands come in at a close third & fourth respectively. I am a student of rhetoric and a master of puns. In another life, I was a welder. My favourite burn scar looks like The Rolling Stones’ lips.

In my spare time, I like to write about ciders for my personal review blog, add to my knitting callouses, and have passionate conversations about comics and books/80s and 90s hip-hop/French Impressionism/rhetoric and logic/Lynch and Cronenberg/puppies and kittens.

Song I’m Currently (Re)Obsessed With: Never Get Ahead– Bobby Conn