Ahna MacLeod
Generator: Bright Ideas

Digital Content Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, & Light-Bulb Moments

Generator: Bright Ideas? Seriously?


Generators create something usable from (seemingly) unusable elements (like turning mechanical energy into electricity.)

That’s how I operate, too. I’m able to take seemingly unusable pieces of content, sprinkle in a little design theory, rhetorical analysis, social psychology & neuromarketing and/or metric analysis and Poof!

You’ve got an actionable content strategy for better content resulting in improved reputation,┬áincreased conversions, stronger relationships and more…

What makes you so qualified?

Well, In a few bullet points:

  • 15+ years of experience in website management [digital fluency]
  • 15+ years of experience in graphic design [a great eye]
  • a degree in professional communications [adept writer]
  • a diploma in radio & television arts [skills in content production]
  • a strong background in sciences [critical thinking & analysis]
  • 5+ years of project management & creative direction [go getter!]

Not to mention:

  • zillions of hours researching user experience
  • a brain that loves puzzles and a challenge
  • dazzling bullet-point-listing skills
  • I’ve been told by multiple developers that I “get it” and am “pleasantly easy” to work with

Don’t just take my word for it:

"Ahna is an easy person to work & collaborate with. She brings a great eye for detail, enthusiasm, and refreshing sense of humour. I thoroughly enjoy brainstorming with her, and am pretty proud of the 2 successful projects we've worked on together so far."

− Tara Smith, Sherbrooke

"I had such a positive experience working with Ahna on a logo design. She was so patient with all of our recommendations and gave such a fantastic variety of designs, ranging from retro style to modern, to in-between. She had so many of her own ideas, that it felt like we had to do almost nothing to get exactly what we had hoped for. I would use her services again 1000x over!"

− Kassandra Kitz, Lonespruce

"It's been a true pleasure to work with someone so sharp and creative!"

− Raoul Bhatt, Bhatt Technology, Firetext & SOTV

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